In about six hours on a saturday or sunday you will learn and practice a variety of skills and strategies to change the way you parent.  We will start with the neuro-biology of your precious child’s developing brain, which parts work when and how.  We know the human brain is not fully developed until the mid-twenties so our kiddos are literally not working with a full deck.  You will leave the workshop with an understanding of which pieces are functional now and which pieces are still under construction.  Armed with this info and some very specific strategies you will be able to parent in a way that builds your child's self-esteem, emotional regulation, and in so doing fosters further brain development.

The workshop will be run as a group of 5-10 parents.  It is incredibly powerful for parents to hear stories from other parents who are facing the same challenges.  The group will be a safe place for all to share their successful parenting moments as well as those they may want a redo on.  The combined wisdom of the group will build confidence for each individual through the shared experience.