Individual Counseling

Did you know researchers are finding we can literally re-wire our own brains?  The power to change your life lies within you.  Our work together will empower you to make the choices you want for your life.  I have worked with individuals from 4 years old to 65 building emotional regulation and self-esteem so their choices are intentional and not reactionary.  I can do the same with you.

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Couples Counseling

Sometimes communicating with our partners can be difficult.  As these are generally the most important relationships we have, healthy communication is vitally important.  My goal as your counselor is to help both partners develop the skills to navigate and grow these vital relationships.  All too often we get overwhelmed by our emotions and say or do things we would not say or do in our normal states of mind.

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Play Therapy

Is your child capable of going into a stranger’s office, sitting down and discussing what’s bothering them?  If so, consider yourself very fortunate.  Many children cannot jump right into a traditional therapy setting and be comfortable.  Play therapy meets the child where she or he is developmentally by recognizing Play is the child’s language and toys are their words.

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Since 1993


After 17 years of working in corporate sales I chose to go back to school to get my Master's degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling.  My years of parenting, coaching and working as a camp counselor have taught me to strive to understand where others are coming from and meet them where they are.

There are some fundamental philosophies that guide my practice. I believe in empowering people to build a hopeful future that has meaning for them. My process is founded in safety and security for all, and produces honest and genuine results.  Understanding your perspective will be vital to how we work towards building the change you are searching for.

Research shows that the quality and quantity of our relationships with others determine our happiness, health and longevity.  My practice will strive to build and deepen these connections for you with those important to you.  We will work together to explore your strengths and tailor your toolbox of choices and responses to help you with life as it comes at you.  Whether that means working to more deeply connect you to your child, your partner, or any other relationship you are hoping to improve.  When appropriate, our time together may include a variety of experiential and expressive approaches including: Play Therapy with children where play is the language and toys are the words, Child-Parent Relationship Training to enhance relationship between parents and their children, or application of Jungian archetypes to analyze the darkness and light you see in your life.

Andrew Trelstad is a family, couples, and children counselor based in Northeast Portland

Next Steps...

Usually the easiest way to start is to do a quick 15-20 minute introductory call to see if we might have a good fit, and to schedule an initial consultation.